Pastoral plans point to collaboration, Beatitudes


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Bishop W. Shawn McKnight has released the newly approved pastoral plans for the Jefferson City diocese and each of its deaneries.

The plans are part of the Shaping Our Future Together pastoral process and affirm a discernment by Catholics in the diocese for increased collaboration among parishes in each deanery.

The five deaneries are geographical divisions of the diocese.

This increased collaboration is considered essential for parishioners to strengthen their  stewardship and co-responsibility, and for parishes to be recognized as centers of charity and sanctuaries of mercy.

The deanery plans, which were developed by people in each deanery, address the unique situations in their region. A diocesan pastoral process provides coordination and support to the deanery plans.

Bishop McKnight officially placed the new plans into effect with a pastoral letter just before the Chrism Mass during Holy Week this year.

The letter highlights the fruit of previous pastoral planning and explains that the new plan builds upon that progress.

“Our new pastoral plans will serve in continuity with the previous plans, deepening our mission as a synodal local Church,” Bishop McKnight stated.

Shaping Our Future Together will encourage Catholics to continue their efforts to make their faith and their parishes more vibrant.

Bishop McKnight’s pastoral letter provides the Beatitudes, which are a litany of blessings identified by Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1-12), as a framework for this renewal effort.

The new plans, along with the pastoral letter in which Bishop McKnight explains them, are published on Pages 13-16 of this issue of The Catholic Missourian and online at:

More resources to be used in small faith-sharing groups and by parish councils will be provided in the near future.