A Blessing for the future — St. Robert Bellarmine honors graduating seniors


Members of St. Robert Bellarmine Parish came together April 7 to honor and celebrate its 12 graduating seniors with a dedicated Mass, followed by a fellowship meal.

As part of this special occasion, the Altar and Rosary Society presented the seniors with thoughtfully assembled Graduation Kits to support and recognize their journey into the next chapter of their lives.

Each kit included snacks and drink mixes for enjoyment, as well as office supplies for the seniors’ future academic and professional journeys.

To provide spiritual support, the kits contained a crucifix, a handmade rosary, and a vial of Holy Water, all of which were blessed by Father Michael Murphy, pastor of St. Robert Bellarmine Parish and of St. Jude Parish in Richland.

The presentation of these kits was a touching moment during Mass, reflecting the community’s deep appreciation for the accomplishments of its young members.

Following Mass, seniors and their families joined the congregation for a fellowship meal, sharing in a joyous celebration of faith and friendship.

These Graduation Kits represent more than just a gift; they are a token of the Altar and Rosary Society’s love and care for young people of the parish.

“As they embark on their new paths, we hope these kits will bring them comfort and strength, reminding them of their roots at St. Robert Bellarmine,” a member of the society stated.


Annalisa Bone is a member of St. Robert Bellarmine parish.